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Hahnville, also known as H-Town to those who live in the STC, is one of the more simple, carefree, cool, and relaxed part of Louisiana. It is home to a wide variety of people and is actually quite nice. There are some rather bad, underdeveloped parts to it but these areas are very few and far between. With its rich culture and diverse nature, I am quite proud to say that I am from Hahnville, and there is NO other place I'd rather be from. Hahnville is also the name of the local high school, Hahnville High - Home of the tigers (dispite the fact that Hahnville High is actually located in Boutte, LA not Hahnville, LA). H-Town STAND UP!!!
Hahnville is Home baby yeah!!!
by The King of the StC. May 31, 2005

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