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Japanese for the word "Iron."
Hagane no Renkenjutsushi does not translate into Fullmetal Alchemist, but actually into "Iron Alchemist."
by Envy April 11, 2005
Japanese for Full Metal
Hagane No Renkenjutsushi
by Hagane January 09, 2005
Totaly 1337 dude who owns everyone, from the fags of Zeta to the geeks of Halo 2.

He owns you.


Fuck you Michael.
Hagane fucking owns Kuleix.
by Hagane January 09, 2005

Fuck you Cory.
Polston(Kuleix) ownz Hagane at everything ever because he's a loser and needs to end himself as quickly as possible.
by Polston February 17, 2005