HADES is an acronym developed on the website College Confidential. This acronym refers to the five most prestigious prep schools, though now it is used to refer to any prestigious prep school. Hades also refers to Greek hell, which is ironic that it also refers to some very desirable schools.
My HADES school is so much better than your school!
#gladchemms #prep school #admissions #boarding school #high school
by GLADCHEMMS is awesome February 26, 2011
5 amazing schools in the Northeast area

1. Hotchkiss
2. Andover
3. Deerfield
4. Exeter
5. St. Paul's
"Scott, Which prep school should I go for high school"
"I'm not sure, but I dont think you would get into the HADES though!'
#amazing schools #academy #prep schools #hades #prepy
by Cushing Academy student April 30, 2012
Hades is the Greek God of the Dead/Underworld. His Roman form is Pluto.
guy: I hope when i die i wont go to Hades
#greek #dead #underworld #roman #gods
by teendorksk8erkid May 19, 2015
Hades is a strong GMT Runescape clan that is gaining strength by the day.
Hades is made by Lol_If_You_Die.
You know that clan "Hades"? They're going to rival DF soon!
#clanhades #clan #hades #runescape #lol_if_you_die
by Tyxl_Be December 21, 2008
Hades: the God of the Dead; keeper of souls; Lord of the Underworld
AKA: Pluto, Aides, Aidenous...
Rules the land of the dead, where your worthless soul is going someday...
We all bow and worship the magnificent Lord Hades...or he'll fuckin' kill us...
by Hades October 17, 2004
The act of consuming something that was made by the same person.
Q: What did you have for lunch?
A: I hade Spaghetti.

Much easier than

Q: What did you have for lunch?
A: I had some Spaghetti that I made last night."
#food #had #consumed #made #prepared
by dep June 20, 2007
A God with two boners and set of bewbs, They believe to be Super Gay and awesome, but we can't prove that quiet yet. Since the beast has only been seen in the wild 3 times, naked. This sooo super gay chick, can be the next chuck norris!
I am Hade hear me roar. -ROAR-
#hade #hades #boners #bewbs #girl #god
by BelieveInKowai101 April 06, 2010
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