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Hades as used in the bible means the place of the dead, the grave pit. Hades is also used to indicate being spiritually dead, as used by Jesus in the Lazarus and the rich man illustration. Hades means the same thing as Sheol as far as the bible is concerned, only Sheol was Hebrew and Hades was Greek. See a Greek quote of a Hebrew scripture to prove this:

Psalm 16:10 - For You will not abandon me to Sheol; You will not allow Your Faithful One to see the Pit.

Acts 2:31 - He was not left in Hades, and His flesh did not experience decay.

In Greek mythology the meaning of Hades described more elaborately “the world of the dead.” These ideas about the place Hades represented in Greek mythology were eventually grandfathered into the bible’s teachings regarding the place of the dead.

For some time around and after 325 C.E. when Rome was in the process of converting to Christianity, there was pressure for the church to cater their teachings to the beliefs of pagan nations in order to gain pagan converts. In consequence of these modified doctrines, much of what is taught among Christendom today regarding the state of the dead was actually taken from Egyptian and Greek beliefs of these subjects.
Then the sea gave up its dead, and Death and Hades gave up their dead; all were judged according to their works.
by coupedehill September 23, 2009
HADES is an acronym developed on the website College Confidential. This acronym refers to the five most prestigious prep schools, though now it is used to refer to any prestigious prep school. Hades also refers to Greek hell, which is ironic that it also refers to some very desirable schools.
My HADES school is so much better than your school!
by GLADCHEMMS is awesome February 26, 2011
Hades is a strong GMT Runescape clan that is gaining strength by the day.
Hades is made by Lol_If_You_Die.
You know that clan "Hades"? They're going to rival DF soon!
by Tyxl_Be December 21, 2008
Hades: the God of the Dead; keeper of souls; Lord of the Underworld
AKA: Pluto, Aides, Aidenous...
Rules the land of the dead, where your worthless soul is going someday...
We all bow and worship the magnificent Lord Hades...or he'll fuckin' kill us...
by Hades October 17, 2004
The act of consuming something that was made by the same person.
Q: What did you have for lunch?
A: I hade Spaghetti.

Much easier than

Q: What did you have for lunch?
A: I had some Spaghetti that I made last night."
by dep June 20, 2007
A God with two boners and set of bewbs, They believe to be Super Gay and awesome, but we can't prove that quiet yet. Since the beast has only been seen in the wild 3 times, naked. This sooo super gay chick, can be the next chuck norris!
I am Hade hear me roar. -ROAR-
by BelieveInKowai101 April 06, 2010
its the area between heaven and hell ... everything in between...often referred to as earth...the atmosphere...what and where we are living. Dont dare oppose this. if you do not comprehend this definition, continue on with your definitions of disney and lord of hell and whatever. yes hades can also be the lord of the underworld.
hades is everything we are and do now...the atmosphere...the trees, the grass, the birds the roads...everything.
by hades queen June 16, 2006