to be mad about something. Also what you feel after you've been the victim of a hacker.
She's hacked because he spit in her soda.
by AlyssFayeCullen August 24, 2007
Top Definition
Hacked is supposed to mean unauthorized access to computers and computer networks, but not any more, now it means to post 'Hilarious' statuses on somebodies Facebook profile.
Idiot: "I totally hacked Joe's Facebook the other day!"
Normal Person: "Really, you hacked it? How?"
Idiot: "He left himself logged in and I posted a status."
Normal Person: "That's not hacking."
by Pseudonym Man. October 15, 2011
Being in the state of victimized by a hacker who has either installed a program into your computer or has gotten into an account of yours with programs or just good skillz.
Dude, I was hacked last night!
Omfg, my computer was totally hacked this morning.
by Gina March 28, 2005
1. Completely ridiculous and crazy.

2. Showing mad skills.
Damn, that bank robbery was fuckin hacked!

I hacked that test and got an A+.
by AznBoi97531 January 23, 2009
The thing faggots post on friends facebook when they accidently stay logged on
"Hacked by your bestie!!!!1"
"Dude, dont be a faggot."
by salsaverde May 26, 2012
to have one's personal information compromised over the internet. this can include passwords, contact information, and even cred card numbers.
1. Alec had his Facebook account hacked, and now he's posting spam all over my wall.

2. Damn it! Some hacker just took my bank information. My credit score is screwed!
by wpk914 May 12, 2011
2 white chicks being retarded
(white chick 2): YEAH LOL

(white chick 1): *takes selfie

(white chick 2): *types HACKED BY YOUR BAE
(white chick 1): LOL THATS SOOOO CUTE
by ewokshurt January 26, 2015
the act of getting high and drunk or drunk and high.
YO! what you doing tonight?
(friend) man im bouta go get hacked with the nikkas.we got some lokos and some dank bud.
by MR_TIPSY January 22, 2011
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