Derogetory term for homosexuals.

Also used in connection to the montreal canadiens in because of their homosexuality.
Man #1: I just sucked off ten guys out back of the Bell Center.

Man #2: Holy Shit! You really are a hab.
by MinkMcFeeget December 12, 2009
usally a guy "horney ass bastard"
God Nicky your boyfriend is such a HAB.

I know and it sucks.
by zsaneib August 28, 2008
HAB is Palo Gang called Hannibal ad Bortas.
HAB leaders are Christian Hein, Mc-R. Gang holds territori all over Palo. The Gang was created by Palo teenagers in 1992 and now it gots about 2000 members in gang.
HAB Por Life
by Don Perez August 03, 2008
Estonian Street gang what is making money mostly with robers and drugs. Its maded by 2 Hein's Brothers in year 1997.
My bad HAB
by Marius Quetero August 18, 2008
girl who has crabs in her pubes
Look at that hab she has furry things crawling out of her legs
by bob higgins April 26, 2008
The male equivalent of WAGs. Just as WAGs is acronymous of wives and girlfriends, HABs are husbands and boyfriends.
Katie: Oh I can't wait for Sarah's birthday, is it girls only tonight?

Jenny: No, I don't thinks so. The invite says HABs welcome...
by Joystick83 February 24, 2011
Hot Asian Babe
Upon seeing a gorgeous Asian girl, "Check that HAB out!"
by vook May 14, 2003
a Hott Ass Bitch, sexxy young ladyf
jess is Hab! Nelly Furtado, the "promiscuous" girl is also a HAB.
by Derty Bitch July 05, 2006

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