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A not quite fully developed windstorm.
Karl rushed home from work and braced for a wall of dust and gale force winds, but it was only a haboobie.
by KlawzVengeance August 08, 2012
an endearing term used by middle-eastern grandmothers
pronounced "CH-boob-E"
often used in conjunction with the ending -shelle
pronounced "Shell-LAY)
example, Haboob-shelle
which makes it even more endearing
-le can also be tacked onto any name for an endearing call (like the common -joon in other middle eastern cultures)
examples, Johnny-le; Rachel-le
Hi, Haboobie! It's been so long, Haboobie. I've missed you, Haboobie.
by Haboob Shelle March 19, 2010