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1. A goal scored in football (soccer) where one striker shoots, the goalkeeper saves, and another striker pounces on the loose ball and scores.

2. Any goal scored in football where there is an extraordinary amount of luck involved, and barely any skill.

3. A goal scored in football by a player who surpasses any perceived physical limits, out-muscling his larger opponents or out-running his quicker opponents against all odds.
1. "Did you watch the game? I heard they won, but it was a habibi goal.."

2. "You should have seen the goal I scored, I got the ball through three defenders and dribbled around all of them and finished with a chip shot, it was such a habibi goal!"

3. "Oh my lord, how did he win that header over the 6'9" defender, he's only 5'5"! He got a habibi goal that's for sure."
by Master Coach April 02, 2011