Habib was born Habib Abdul-Habib in Baghdad, Iraq in 1980.

The young Habib got his start in show business in 1983 working as an oud polisher for Munir Bashir. A year later Habib began working as an opening act for various acts across the region.

Habib worked at many comedy clubs around the Middle East through the 1980's. His one-night-only showcase at the Improv in Damascus in 1989 is widely regarded by both Arab comedy critics as one of the best performances ever. His legendary bit, "What's the deal with Tabouleh?" cemented his status as one of the regions biggest celebrities and earned him a star on the Beirut Walk of Fame. The star was irreparably damaged by rockets in 2006.

However, not everybody was a Habib fan. His predeliction for silly songs and his penchant for corny jokes soon found him falling out of favor with the Iraqi mainstream. He became known as "Baghdad's Second-Worst Comedian." Then, in 1993, he was demoted to "Baghdad's Worst Comedian" after Baghdad's Worst Comedian did not vote for Saddam.

Habib currently resides in Baghdad with his wife and three camels (Billy, Petey and Abdul-Rahman). He is a distant relative of Iraqi basketball star Hassan “Too Tall” Jones. Habib tours the world singing bad songs and telling equally bad jokes and appears in a number of videos....
That Habib song was awesome!
by Doughnutsinmymouth May 25, 2009
A dirty Indian.
Did you smell those habibs at 7/11?
by Prairedogboy January 05, 2010
A person from the Indian Subcontinent region.

Also see Kabib
I was hanging out with Kumar at the bar last night. That Habib couldn't get laid in a Vietnamese brothel.
by Gandhigar January 09, 2008
To be gay ,armenian and to dance the macarena.
Tyrone : Yo habib
Andre : :( cry cry
Tyrone : I win , habib
by My Nikkar Tyrone April 16, 2009
slang for a crazy mothefucker who talks shit all day but won't ever back it up. also prone to speaking gibberish and never making sense, hence creating confrontations when told to shut up
Person 1: "Im da juggernaut bitch, crab cakes and all"
Person 2: "What!??! You make no sense."
Person 1: "Shut the fuck up! I feel like slapping you mang."
Person 2: (Bitch Slaps Person 1) "Calm the fuck down, Damn Habib"
by CED USC May 05, 2006
Sexual intercourse with an overly obese person
My brother is obsessed with having habibs, i dont think his dick can hold up much longer.

by akaka December 09, 2006
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