Habbo hotel is for little gay little 10 year olds with no friends to pretend they have a social life with their pretend little person
Habbo: Will you be my friend
Habbo1: Ok then
Habbo: My name is gertrude, my favourite sport is cricket and my favourite thing in the whole wide world is habbo hotel!
Habbo1: ME TOO!
by Robin January 03, 2005
Oh, the joys of Habbo! Don't ya just love it? Perves trying to find out where you live, 9 year old noobs, crap moderators, the swearing filter... its all so wonderful!
Let me share some of my wisdom with you.

Perverts: Far, far to many. You can't walk in a room without someone going a/s/l? all the time. Litrally, when I went on habbo to see if it had got any better (hell no), I saw 5 perves asking people where they lived in a fucking day. Don't trust anyone on Habbo. Perves! The lot of them!

Noobs: Yeah. You walk straight into Habbo hotel (with 2 crappy cars in the car park) and all you can hear is 'omg ur so hot wanna go out?'. Well, unless all of a sudden people find 3cm tall pixelated charchters hot, I'm pretty sure its fucked up.

Furni: If you don't have any 'good' furrni, don't expect ANY friends. Ok? Either cough up $50 for coins or you might as well delete your habbo.

Language filter: Ok, I understand wanting to block it, considering they pay so much less attention they have 9 year olds on their game. But, come ON. Bobba. For fucks sake, BOBBA. Is that the best they can fucking do? Yup, thats right kids, you swear on habbo, it will appear as BOBBA. And also, even if their part of other words, they wont let that through either. Eg. essex will become esBobba. Retarded.
Thats only a few things that show you Habbo is frickin' gay.
Perv: Hi!
some faggot: Hi!
Perv: Whats your name?
fag: I'm not allowed to give it out.
Perv: Ok, I'll keep all my furni to myself.
Fag: Oh, wait! Its Johnny. Johnny Smith.
Perv: Ok, Johnny. Where do you live?
Johnny: I can't give that out either!
Perv: I'll give you credits.
John: Oh, ok, (some bullshit place here).
Perv: Ok!
News: 9 year old Johnny was raped and killed yesterday evening. All the investigators could find was a conversation on Johnny's pc...

Noob1: hi ur so h0t wanna go out
Noob2: yeah i luv u babe lets get mari3d
Noob1: ok!
Half an hour later
Noob2: its not working out
Noob1: omg no please dont leave i luv u plzzzzzzzzzzzz

Some kid: Wahhhh I need a mommy
Some other kid: ill be ur mommy!
They get to the Mommy's home
kid1: oh wait i dont wanna be ur kid no more u aint got no furni
kid2: no please dont leave i need u :(

Habbo Hotel is retarded.
by Penguins Kick Ass January 19, 2009
An IM service thinly disguised as a game. Thanks to pest control, Habbo Hotel is free of squirrels.
The best thing about Habbo is that Habbo money can't be converted back into real money, unless you sell it on eBay.
Children have digital cartoon sex in Habbo Hotel.
by squirrelbane October 29, 2006
A Site that Ripps You off. A site that MODS dont even help you with crap!and also they filtered the word retarted cause they know the people who play it are retarted.
Ok you use the CALL FOR HELP cause a guy hacked or keylogged you. the only thing mods give you is report to scam busters why cant they help by coming to your room and ask question like do you know who this scammer is and also if they find out who he is why cant they bann him and get the stolen furni that yours to give it back to you.thats how they need to help people on habbo hotel.
by Urban Dictionary August 19, 2006
The worst fucking website on the whole fuckin internet!! I used to go on until I got addicted and realised that I had spent $450 on fucking pixels!! I'm gonna fucking sew Sulake the (mofo) who invented habbo! They make you pay for pixelated furniture!! They must be fucking swimming in money bcoz like 10 million people in the world, maybe more, spend their hard earned cash on buying fuckin pixels! Sulake has stooped really low!! Geez,some assholes will do anything for money!! They stooped low!!!
Habbo hotel is for assholes and pixel daters. People date pixels. Paedophiles have sex, known as cyber with girls!! DON'T EVER GO ON!! YOU WILL GET FUCKING ADDICTED AND BEFORE U KNOW IT, YOU'LL UNKNOWINGLY HAVE SPENT $100,000 ON BUYING FUCKIN PIXELS!!
by Ih8HabboHotel May 28, 2006
A web based graphical chat room (NOT a game) where people (mostly children or people with the mental ages of children (it's hard to tell)) create human-like avatars called Habbos and hurl extremely badly spelt abuse at anyone with their own opinion: Anyone who hates football is "gay" and anyone who's habbo dresses in black is a "goth" (all true, didn't you know!?). Fun games to be played seem to be 1. Asking people to type their password on screen to win big prizes (such as the chance to lose their habbo) when it's obvious no text AT ALL shows up as an asterisk (except for an asterisk). 2. Impersonating another user by making a similar username when in reality it's obvious they're not alike. 3. (and this is a doozy) Asking people's Habbos out on a date with the reason that they think the other person's Habbo is "fit" which is ok if these people actually find small, emotionless pixellated cartoon characters "fit"...
Everyday occourance at Habbo Hotel:

<PERSON 2> "No, I don't know you"
<PERSON 2> "And? I don't know who you are"
<PERSON 2> "Bye bye"

by luke-the-luke October 07, 2006
A pixelated virtual hotel, full of annoying brats that not hit puberty.
It is full of thousands of rooms; most rooms have no furniture.
The site makes you spend real life money on.. basically... nothing.
If you don't spend money, you'll be called "noobs" > for not having HC - Habbo Club.
Being money whores, they bring in a new system called VIP with loads more clothes than habbo club and norms.
by VividAmbrosial August 04, 2010
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