A shithole with a money slot.
If you're going to spend money on habbo hotel you might as well shove it up your ass instead.
by ipokebadgers July 25, 2005
A chat website overrun with 12 year olds that can have "sex0rz" with their 12 year old (A.K.A 56 yr old paedophiles) "bf" or "gf".

They attempt to suck up your money by making you buy "credits" (Creds) so you can buy some shit ass "furni" and join the Habbo club so you can be popular with the GrIlZ111!1!1!11!! and get "laid" and impress your 2cm tall "friends". Sounds great, huh? =P

Swearing is "bobbaing" impossible in Habbo Hotel, as every swear word is bleeped out. Sound bad? Not at all... It seems completely fair really, since its overrun with kids, But once you realise it is bleeped out with the word "bobba" you become annoyed, fast. Even if you say a word that isn't actually swearing its messed up by "Bobba" e.g "lass" becomes "lbobba"

Hobba. Hobba's are "moderators" (A.K.A fat kids that eat donuts while playing habbo hotel) that ban you for the fucking crappiest reasons. I got banned for saying my real name. Seriously. Hobba's need to be 18, so they probably have no life if they are 18 playing Habbo.

People create rooms to have "beauty" contests in and create "Jobs" so they can scam other habbos into giving them their password.

This wonderful dish is best not served at all, unless you're 8.
Nerd: Can I see your room?

Me: I don't have a room.

Nerd: Oh okay I hate you.

Me: Ummm...

Nerd: stfu noob I said I hate you!

Me: Ummm okay...

Nerd: omg im reporting you for being a noob!

You have been banned for life for being a noob.

Habbo Hotel
by Greenday678912345 March 13, 2009
habbo hotel is a game of both good....and bad...mostly bad
Good: it can be fun you know hanging out with ur real life friends on it while walking around looking like a god damn lego
Bad: WAAAAAAAAY TOO MANY STALKERS! I swear some 46 year old bitch comes up to you and hes like "hey baby whats ur asl?" and im like "fuck off man-whore" they wanna meet u in real life and if u meet them they all fat and crap then they drag u off to this damn alley and start rapeing you O_O its also a waste of money they suck you in and start scammin u out of your god damn money!
*while playing habbo hotel*
Some creepy 46yr old Bitch: Hey baby wanna cyber?
Some creepy 46yr old Bitch: Yeah...i like it when girls play hard to get
Me: OMFG! FUCK OFF YOU FAG! *runs away from him*
by Courtneyzxk August 23, 2006
Habbo Hotel is a waste of your time and money. Most of the time you spend lining up to get into "dating" games, to trade or even to play a "fun" game. Don't spend your money on it as you have nothing to show for it. You are probally interacting with 50 year old men. All your getting is pixelated furniture and a badge that makes you feel superior to other habbos. I wasted four months on that crap before I got myself banned for no reason at all. It's just a place on the net filled with perverted people wanting cyber and immature people with nothing better to do. I'm sorry I even signed up for it and i'm glad I didn't spend $100 on it like some of my friends ecause its just for some junk.
Some Typical Conversations On Habbo Hotel

Girl habbo - Hey Hottie
Boy habbo - Hey sxc
Girl habbo - Do you have a room
Boy habbo - Yeah
Boy habbo - Um, wanna hav cyber
Girl habbo - Sure sxc

Habbo1 - Are you Habbo club?
Habbo2 - Yeah
Habbo1 - Show me your badge
Habbo2 - NO
Habbo1 - Don't talk to me you freak
by SuperFreak September 29, 2006
Habbo Hotel is a shit place were all the junkies and pedafiles go.
it also makes you pay for shit virtual furniture and credits.

See Also: pedafile, junkie.
Habbo: can i order 5 credits please
Habbo Hotel Staff: That will be £50.
Habbo: OK
Habbo Hotel Staff: There you go! Thankyou!
(Habbo goes away)
Habbo Hotel Staff: He, He, He! Sucker!
by joe perkins December 19, 2005
A really shiity virtual hotel where you can spend money to buy fake furniture or join the elitist habbo club, which you HAVE to buy or no one will talk to you because your habbo won't be as good looking(Yeah..). Habbo hotel is the biggest money grabbing shit hole out there.

90% of its population are fat, stupid 14 year olds who are too ugly for myspace but want to act all scene. You will see them typing like this;

ii L0V3 H4BB0 H0T3L iiT'5 50 K00L
Steve: Hey, wanna go on habbo hotel?
Alex: Don't talk to me ever again..
by 5647357868 March 14, 2007
Habbo Hotel is just some fucked up little pixelated world. I can't see why people play it. You have to pay money for shitty little pixelated furniture and accessories. This is the place where all those little 9 year old horny bithes go to get some virtual boyfriend/girlfriend.

See also: junkie, slang, pedafile, dick head, apocalypse
dick_head1: Will u go out wif me???

dick_head2: yh sure. lets hav sex now.

dick_head1: get lost. ur dumped!

dick_head2: u broke my hart u bitch!!!


dick_head3: wanna buy sum cheats?

dick_head4: ummmm!!!! i'm tellin of u and ur gonna get banned from goin on habbo hotel 4eva!!!
by JP Pizzle November 06, 2006

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