Habbo hotel is a seriously fucked up game, it was originally designed for 14-18 year olds then little 11 year olds came thinking they could get a fake gf/bf, most of the time people on there aare just pervets looking for some fun, and you know what i mean. People actually pay for cyber furniture? its stupid. i used to play, i got a aqua smoke machine for free off my mate.
ths is how i got a permanent ban, i accidently got the description mixed up with the name. the description was 'retro mystifcation', so i said selling retro mystification

(other people selling stuff)
*log off*
next day i log back in
*logs on to habbo hotel*
from habbo: Your account has been permanently banned, reason: 'some reason i can't remember'. Apparently i was advertising a retro website where i would steal passwords, its stupid, don't get sucked into the game people.
by m!zfit January 29, 2008
A virtual chatroom in which the implementation is somewhat questionable (you can often try to enter rooms and just get kicked back to the frontpage with no error message.), and nowadays 99% of the time, if you enter a room;

- 80% chance of there being an actual constructed queue system
- 80% chance of that queue being stuffed with losers who have nothing better to do, and remain there even if the owner treats them like shit.
- 85% chance of getting kicked while in that queue;
--- 60% chance that it's just on their own whim.
--- 40% chance it's because they see it as the most convenient way to move their 'friend' up in the queue.
--- 40% chance that if you return and ask why you were ejected, you'll get ejected again because they don't want to be shown up as a power abuser.

Those considering this place, I can only suggest you check out Furcadia, which is similar, and more importantly, has (primitive but reasonably powerful) scripting, and doesn't force you to pay for furniture. You might think the fur thing is weird, but it's nothing compared to the contents of Habbo Hotel.
Me: Does anyone here speak english?
Habbo: wtf!!1111
Me: Well, at least I'm almost at the front of the queue now.
You have been ejected.
Me (returning): What was that for?
You have been ejected.
by Snuffkin February 04, 2005
A highly addicting virtual chatroom. Took me 2 years to finally quit but thankfully I never spent a penny on it.
Habbo Hotel was actually fun back in '02-04 when all the exploits weren't patched... now Habbo has it's safety BS crammed up the ass.
It just plain sucks now. If you're not 'hott' or have lots of 'furni', you probably won't make very many friends on there.
If you've never been on Habbo Hotel, consider yourself lucky and stay far away from it. If you must however, don't pay! Whatever you do, do NOT support them!
by Bobby DeNiro January 06, 2008
Habbo Hotel is a gay website that sucks people into giving them real money for colors on a screen. The moderator acts like all of the habbos are toddlers blocking non-swear words like msn, hotmail, aol etc. Also, It will block 6 or more numbers at a time. When a word gets blocked, it shows up as 'bobba'. Habbo Hotel is also where hundreds of pervs gather and ask you for your personal info.
-On Habbo Hotel-
Habbo1: hey
Habbo2: hi
Habbo1: wanna be my gf?
Habbo2: okay!
-Days later-
Habbo1: we have to break up
by Steph12 November 19, 2006
A shit little place where you pay a fucktard to put some words in your name
Fucktard: hey gimme 50 hc's and ill let u put god owner in your name.

Poor Sucka on Habbo: Ok
by Fuckhabbo April 24, 2005
Habbo Hotel is a virtual chatroom where you make a character and talk to other Habbos.
I think Habbo's okay if you're not TOO addicted to it and if you know what you're doing.
Even though it's probably the safest chatroom out there, you should still keep your personal details to yourself.
The problem is, there's way too many child pretadors out over the web today so you really don't know who the heck you're talking to...
For instance; A Habbo that appears to be a 14 year old girl may be a 30 year old man..
But most of all, NEVER give out your Email to someone else because you can't trust ANYBODY over the internet and anyone can find out where you live. (Unless you know them in life of course)
And remember, just because you're over the internet you can't just say anything you want
people have feelings online too :)
Stay safe and have fun on Habbo, and over the web :))
Habbo Hotel is okay if you know what you're doing.
by Linahh June 29, 2006
A shithole with a money slot.
If you're going to spend money on habbo hotel you might as well shove it up your ass instead.
by ipokebadgers July 25, 2005
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