Habbo Hotel is good and bad, but mostly bad. It's pretty much a heaven for perverts and lonesome teenagers who are actually 56. Habbo Hotel is supposed to remble reality, even though they're NOTHING alike. The habbo staff censors words that have no offensive meaning and the habbo staff treats everyone as if they're 2-years-old. No one on habbo seems to spell properly and the only questions that people ask when they 'meet' you are: asl, or 'wanna cyber?'. My friends actually are on habbo hotel, and at times it can be fun because my friends haven't spent a dime on habbo hotel for their virtual furni which DOES NOT EXIST, and we happen to talk... CORRECTLY, what a suprise. My basic day on habbo is making fun of all the sad people and luring in perverts only to tell them to fuck off, get a life, and stop being a man-whore. It seems on habbo that if you're in a short skirt, tank-top, and blonde hair guys seem to be magnetically attracted to you even though you're most likely an old man. Habbo Hotel does really suck, but at least I can spend a 10 minutes crushing all of the little habbos dreams of a peaceful (and unreal) community.
Some Creepy Guy: hey babe, asl?
Me: 56/f/galapogos islands.
Some Creepy Guy: thats relly hot
Me: Go away man-whore.
Some Creepy Guy: ill get U BANNNED!!1
by Lets just call me 'Talyn' January 09, 2005
A Fucked up virtual world. With pedafiles surrounding you. Some people get so addicted to it they pay for fake furni and credits/coins. ive seen my friend on it hes spent 15$ on it just to have credits and have new clothes. The hobbas are fuckers they ban 4 nothing and u then lose everything. Trust me habbo hotel is a fucked up thing that should of never been fuckin made.
Peda File: Wots ur name?
Kid: My mummy told me not to give info to strangers :(
Peda File: I'll Give U Furni.
Kid: :O My Name Is James Barnes
Peda File: Where U Live?
Kid: Mummy told me not to say dat either. :(
Peda File: I'll Give U Credz.
Kid: :O I Go to .....
News: Child James Barnes has been killed. They say he was playing Habbo Hotel. He was found outside his house stabbed. Also he had lots of furni and credz/coins!!!!!!
by Da Miker May 31, 2005
Habbo Hotel is a British based chat room/website based in England that is based around little pixelated people moving around the hotel. Users can make rooms, and spend real money on furni for their rooms, unless you win it, or scam. It's not a very good idea to buy furni on this site, because you're probably a fucking retard and it's just going to get stolen from you by the hundreds of people trying to get your password and install a keylogger on your computer.
Habbo: To dude, I just spent 50 bucks on credits. I'm going to make an awesome room.
Person: Give me your password.
Habbo: Why?
Person: You'll get more credits.
Habbo: Oh, awesome! Just what I need, more credits!
Person: Thanks.
Habbo: Oh, bobba! My credits are gone! Oh well, I'll just buy more.
by Big Fat Jalopy September 08, 2004
What started as a highly interesting online chat room experiment which soon became overrun with scammers, "beauty competitions" and people who block narrow passages and only let you through if you pay them. The whole experience is sanitised so much that you cannot be a Michael Moorcock fan from Scunthorpe with a job in the cybernetics industry, you would instead be a Michael Moorbobba fan from Sbobbathorpe with a job in the bobbanetics industry.

Oh, and it's worryingly addictive; I have seen people pay literally hundreds of credits for the more uncommon furni items like the throne, holopod, and samovar.

Still, it's fun to bait the netchavs there who threaten to get their crews and "mafias" on you when there is no option to kick someone in the balls. They are indeed mighty brave in cyberspace.
"Bobba me with a bobba bobba, this site is worrying." - My first ever chat line in HH.
by KHD February 01, 2005
A little Turd house for all those assholes (little 5 yr old horny bitches) who wants to satisfy their millimeter boners by pretending their having sex with lego dolls by click ing a dance button. Thsi shit is not worth wasitng your youth, and vision for. It's pathetic.
Habbo: Hey, wanna cyber in my room?
loser: okeey!
Habbo: uhh uhhh oh yahhhh. my weiner aahhh
loser: lets talk too while doing it
Habbo: No talk, just keep making sounds, it's satisfying my rod.
by Shmeego May 05, 2005
Habbo hotel. A giant orange building where there are many rooms with many many 'themes'. You are a 'habbo'. a badly animated pixel bloke/lass who has a p (password) has hackers call it because the word password is banned as are many other words such as pizza and rude words all replaced with bobba. You can control by clicking on where you want to go in a room (where you feel cramped cuz it's overcrowded and lonely cuz you have no furni or people cuz you have no credits cuz your a loser ((or normal person who doesn't waste money on habbo)). Habbo has very VERY strict rules because everyone tries to corrupt the system so the hobbas try to kick everyone. Hobbas are whiny teenage losers who finally get a bit of power when they lie that they are 18 on the internet and become a hobba. They ban you for almost anything and are rather gay. Habbo sucks you in by offering fake virtual furni for real genuine money. If you are hacked or kicked you don't even get a refund. If on habbo hotel for at least a day you will most certainly meet wannabee: hackers, hookers and paedophiles and people who want to cyber (All rulebreakers). Who never seem to get kicked yet YOU do! Habbo SUCKS.
Kids! Don't let HABBO HOTEL suck you in with it's mind washing powers!
Habbo1: Gimme your p and I give you furni!
Habbo2: Here! ****
Habbo1: I have you now! >:D
Habbo2: Nooo! :'(
by Hawke July 26, 2005
When you are in the verge of commiting suicide, you go to this crappy site.
Some people actually waste their money
to look better, so they can get "screwerd."
Before I shoot myself in the head, let me go to habbo hotel, afterall, it will bore me to death!
by Alexis April 18, 2005

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