An online hotel consisting of:
A) Thirty-five year-old men still living in their mothers basement trying to talk to thirteen year old girls
B) Thirteen year old girls
"you missed D&D last night man, where were you?"
"talkin to hot thirteen year-olds on habbo hotel"
by Ducky-face November 02, 2006
A game you get addicted to for about a week, spend a lot of money on for crap, and attracts B-list celebrities to appear on it for about 10 minutes.
A pretty good place to find a temporary eGirlfriend/Boyfriend, but watch out for kiddy fiddlers
As bad as Habbo Hotel is, it still cant suck as bad as
by bobby! May 18, 2007
A Pretty Sad website for people with no life at all, who get ripped off for pixel furniture (furni), then give out their password to some random guy and lose it all.

Some people even get married on it, start a 'mafia' (or a cheap job), start casino's etc.....

And the creepiest thing of all? People on it pretending to be babies. Yes, thats right, you can 'adopt' people who dress like babies and say everything with a w in it.

Lame-ass teen: Will woo adwopt mwe?
Guy: Sure!
Lame-ass Teen: Its mwy bwirthdway give me furni
Guy: No.
Lame-ass Teen: Fwine Im gettin new parents who are rwich and gwive mwe fwurni!
Guy: Yeah you do that.
Lame-ass Teen: bobba you stupid bobba!

And these people even say stuff like 'Im 1 day old plz adopt me'. Yeah, a talking 1-day old.

Some people report emergencies, like them not having a 'bf'.

Your call for help has been sent!

MESSAGE FROM HOBBA: I'll be your super cool bf!!!!1!1!

Oh good god. The worst thing of all is the pretend violence.
See Below some of the most irritating stuff on habbo.

You can even buy furniture for it off eBay. For a ridiculous price, of course.

Thanks for reading and enjoy being ripped off by Sulake!
l00ser: im a cop ur undur arrest!
l00ser2: no way *punches in face steelz gun shoots in head!!1!1!1!111!!!!!1!!!1*
l00ser: *dodges*
l00ser2: yoo cant dodge that u idiot!

Fake-baby: Iwn 1 month owld its my bwirthday can woo gwive mwe fwurni?
n00b: No, get a life. *stabs in neck*
Fake-baby: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaa

PeRv: Hey wanna cyber?
Girl: Sure *takes top off shoves tits in mouth*
PeRv: Oooh yeah so good *sticks penis in your nose*
Girl: oh yeah soooooooooooooo good
PeRv: *has bobba all day and all night*

by -Joe- June 28, 2006
A stupid game where u spend <b>REAL<b> MONEY and talk to pedofiles and people with no lifes well at least SOME people with no life or atleaast the Noobs
jinxie567: bobba bobba bobba habbo hotel rocks

Sammie98735:YOU NOOB

Jinxie576: asl?
jixie576: want some coins?
by Chickensauce September 01, 2007
Habbo hotel is made up of 99% of netdaters, 12 year olds,

pedo's, netbangers, & whatever else is sad.
Habbo Hotel Typin to a netdater example...

Me: Fuuck you netdater !!

Netdater: Who me ??!!11

Me: Yeh, you're the only pixel that i'm on chat with.

Netdater: I Know him in real life tho

Me: Then why you gonna date him on this
then smart one ?

Netdater: w.e.
by Jakaylaaa August 18, 2009
a pathetic interactive hotel filled with chronic masturbators who touch them selves to star wars.
basically, it is a chat site where people buy membership which isnt benificial in any way and talk to other people who like playing with themselves.
by longrod von hughen dong July 25, 2009
Habbo Hotel is a virtual world, you make an avatar and chat to other avatars (people) in different rooms there is 'public' rooms and 'private' rooms. The game easily gets people addicted, you can to buy 'creds' these are to be bourght with your own money via cell, phone credit card etc. 'creds' can buy you virtual furniture often called 'furni'also it couod buy you 'habbo club' which means you can get upgrades for your avatars hair, clothes etc. You will also have access to other rooms which you wouldnt before. Included with your avatar is a homepage, which you can decorate with 'stickers', backgrounds or notes. These pages can be viewed by other avatars, they can leave comments, rate your page and look at what you have to say.
There are many games to play both public and private, you could win things, and maybe get a high posistion in a leader board.
Habbo is a safe environment, it blocks any 'bad' words with the word 'bobba'.
Millions of people play habbo accross the world there are different hotels for different countries.
To play the game you will need an upgraded version of shockwave player. Be aware of how much you actually are spending on the game though! It could mount up.
avatar 1: hey lets go to the hallway in habbo hotel
avatar 2: sure we can meet some new people!
by luccay April 11, 2008
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