Habbo Hotel is a Fun website, If Your bored it is a good time waster. DO NOT get addicted like i was, i'd spend 5+ hours a day on habbo. this had affects on me, i had no social life at all, i gained alot of wieght from just sitting around at the computer. I've Easily Wasted over $500 on furniture. I started playing it when i was 12 years old and i played untill i was almost fifteen. As of currently i am taking a break from habbo. it is not interesting to me. but i am not an obnoxious VIP like people claim. i Respect all people on habbo, i dont E-date anymore either. i stopped after like 2 years. I still do buy coin cards from my local Walgreens, But i am not going to be buying VIP/HC anymore. I am Focusing on making cool themed rooms.

some things i hate about habbo-
1.All the gangs and mafias(they will virtually attack you i usually troll them)
3.Habbo Babies(they pretend to be babies so someone will adopt them and then they ask their parents for coins, then when they are VIP/HC they diss their parents, They also talk like this"Hwello Cwan Ywou Bwe Mwy Dwaddy?"
4.The Games-most of the games are scams now and if your not VIP you lose half of themlist of games-Kick the ugly, Telephrase, Take me out, Falling furni, Dont hit my wall and many other bullshit mazes.
5. If you are not VIP most VIP members wont give you the light of day and call you a noob.
OVERALL-Only Play It Sometimes, Dont let it become a daily activity
vip1:hey girl you looks sexy
vip2:o thanks
non-vip:hey guys im just looking for some friends

vip1:go away noob
non-vip:i've been on for 4 years, you both hav ebeen on for 5 months each
BabyFag: Hwello Cwan Ywou Awdopt Mwe?
DumbIdiotWhoAdoptsFags: ok

BabyFag: gwive mwe fwurnis mwommy!
DumbIdiotWhoAdoptsFags: i have none
Kick The Ugly
*allVIPS pick norm*
non-vip :(.
this is another SHIT way of habbo to make money, they have HC(habbo club) and now VIPwhich is dumb
banned for convo
guy:hello i would like to meet some friends
girl:ok my names Derpina
guy: cool mines Herp
*guy gets banned for asking for personal info*

Casino Convo
vip1: hey norm getlost
non-vip:o ok i guess you dont want to bet my throne
vip1:*damn FML*
girl:hey wanna go out?
Girl: ok bby ilove you so much wanna get married?
*1 cybersex later*
girl:o im preg with your baby you have to give me some coins and furnis or i will find a new father!
guy:o ok*gives all stuff*
me:Bro you got ho'd
lol habbo hotel
by Cakey14 July 10, 2011
Top Definition
It is a virtual hotel that gets you sucked in and makes you buy fake furniture and makes you spend over $100 on fake furniture. This place really sucks.
Habbo Hotel is a place that sucks you in to buying fake furniture
by Parker July 04, 2004
An orange building with an incredebly large amount of rooms inside which include beauty contest, races, mafias, rare trade rooms, and gay bars. Although there is over 7000 people in the hotel usually, there are 2 cars in the parking lot.
Offer me 8 hc sofas for my throne!
by Anonymous November 02, 2003
I'd like to add to my previous definition of this word/phrase.

The concept of habbo hotel had the potential to be an exciting new way to interact and chat with others. While this is just about still possible unfortunately the site is now completely infested with kids who havent yet grown any 'curlies'.

This was always going to happen given the original design and the continual tweaking of the site to appeal to this audience. However if you think you could bare being in the company of 10-16 year olds in the faint hope of meeting someone a like age and mind you'll probably quit the site after you've discovered habbo culture.

Habbo culture today is pretty much centred around the site owners money making scheme that these impressionable little sobs are all too happy to invest into. By parting with their pocket money/phone credit the kids can buy virtual 'furni' furniture to decorate and personalise a blank room of their own. This has now completely gotten out of hand, inane kids spend their time either swapping 'furni', scamming naive people into giving them access to their accounts and thus access to their furni/credits, or setting up virtual job agencies.

The net result of all this is a chatroom clogged with habbos shouting out adverts to join job agencies/go to someones room/swap furni/scam/beg people for free furni and so forth, these are all scrolled (repeated quickly many times) so you havent got much of a chance to actually chat should you want to.

All in all habbo hotel is for kids and kiddy fiddlers, preferably with some disposable income.
habbo hotel is a special place with vacancies for kids and kiddy fiddlers
by dw July 22, 2004
Habbo hotel is where 11 - 16 year old kids hang out on the internet. its a pretty cool chat when your younger but as you stay on it more you realise how horrible it actually is:

1) The People
People who chat are called habbos habbos have a variety of ways to piss you off. Flooding is where you advertise room such as "mafias" competitions and other bullshit scams. This sad 12 year old is randomly running through "rooms" annoying people because some random guy told him he would be given furni. Mission completed this habbo (now known as Habbodude) goes back to the room he was advertising for his furni pickup. The employer kicks him from his room. Now habbodude gets angry so runs through the room shouting "OMFG Bobbaing Pay Me u Bobba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ugh how annoying

2) The language Filter
Next we have the language filter. With the hotel being a site for younger people the managers are highly against swearing inside the hotel. Understandable. But theres 2 things wrong. The word that is used to substitute said curse word is bobba. how originaly annoying. Habbo hobba bobba, see the pattern here? everytime i see that word it makes me go crazy! Secondly, the language filter is RELENTLESS! it will block the cuss word even if its part of a word. Eg. embarASSed changes to embarbobbaed leading to the author to think of a new word. it will work with anything, i used to have lots of examples but i cant think of any off the top of my head now.

3) The Hobbas (The fuzz)
The hobbas are the hotel moderators. They randomly visit rooms so newbies can gather around them and shout "OMFG j00 R T3h H0bBA!!!!!1" over and over and over! excuse me but they dont do anything. The hobbas application requires that you are over 18 (People who are on this site when they are 18 need friends or alchohol) Have been registered to the chatroom for 12 weeks. Log in more than 200 times (yea, now you are responsible) and to obey the "habbo way" which no-one reads anyway so is a bit pointless. The real way they select hobbas is how much money they have donated to habbo through furni and if they are in the "habbo club." I have yet to see a hobbas with no furni or not in the habbo club!

4) The Extortion
The peer pressure to get furni on habbo is astounding. I was bullied into buying an entire room within the first week i had registered. heres a script

Habbo-Dude: its sort of busy here do you have a room?
Habbo-Guy: No
Habbo-Dude: you n00b! i dont want to talk to you! *walks off
Habbo-Guy: What just happened?
*everyone else in the room leaves
*Message From A Hobba
You have been banned for 5 hours for not having a room

Well thats habbo hotel for you - if your 11 years old and you want to check it out be my guest but in the end you WILL end up starting a crusade to bring it down (like myself )

Goodluck and goodbye
www.habbohotel.com - American version
www.habbohotel.co.uk - British version (better version)
by Welshwonder May 30, 2005
Little people that look like legos run around talking to each other in virtual rooms that they can make themself. Highly addicting. Not worth spending money on, but you can meet some interesting people if you look hard enough. You gotta look hard though. And then theres the dramatic ones that take everything super serious.
Try not to get sucked in so much that you foget to eat though, that could be devistating.
Habbo1: Will you marry me?
Habbo2: omg! ok!
Habbo 1: This isn't working out

Habbod00d: I lost 50 pounds and 12 inches off my waist by switching to habbo!
by Yesss January 19, 2005
A virtual hotel used for chatting to and meeting other people on the internet

by dw March 23, 2003
A hotel which, despite having 7000 peopel online at a time, still only has two cars in the car park. It's a pixellated hotel, you have your own avatar called a habbo and you walk around talking to people. Most of the rooms are; beauty contests, trade rooms, race rooms, beauty salons and mafias. The moderators are called Hobbas and the majority of them have their heads jammed firmly up their arses. Censor words that aren't even rude, such as "mouseindustries", "sonicmouse" and "freewebs" for no apparent reason. Teenagers buy ridiculously overpriced fake furniture for their fake rooms with real money. They charge you £2.50 per blinking month so you can wear special clothes that everyone else who's stupid enough to waste money on Habbo Club is wearing.

Great if you are a loner/rich as hell/all of the above.
by Kay March 20, 2004

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