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Hit You Up
Tom: Hey Sally, long time no see...
Sally: Yeah...I was going to HYU last week, but I realized how lame you were.
Tom: Ouch.
by ihearthead January 20, 2010
hyu= hit you up . The oppostie of hmu (which means hit me up)
Person 1 : what you doing?

Person 2: hey, im about to leave the house. im going to hyu later when i get back.
example 2

jim: hey where are you the party started hours ago

Dave: im on my way, im going to hyu when i get there
by Quentinnn :) April 13, 2010
hold your unicorn (opposite of hmu)
Hey Caroline, hyu I can't do it anymore.
by Cah-laire is a fat girls name. December 29, 2010
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