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Software that has ruined the lives of chemical engineers since 1994.

A chemical engineering program, specifically for process engineering that is the least helpful or reliable piece of software ever written PERIOD. It acts with a random mind of its own. When HYSYS is having a bad day, prepare for endless frustration with a simple 'unsloved' or consistancy error, and when finally allowing your process to succeed, gives you different answers to the person next to you.At AUD$13000 a license, you'd expect something helpful, however with HYSYS, you've expected wrong
Eg 1) *Completes long difficult process*


Top Grade Engineering Student: Fuck you HYSYS, there is nothing wrong with anything you worthless piece of shit. None of the tutors can find anything wrong either *throws monitor out window and smashes in the rest of the PC*

Eg 2)

Me: "Hey bro did you get 10000moles/hour?"

My Bro: "Nah mate, 10200"

Me: "Fuck you HYSYS, our systems are the same"
by ENG1010 May 21, 2012
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