Hyphy is a movement, much like Hip Hop. Based on several different elements of the San Francisco Bay Area lifestyle. Breakdancing has been replaced by doing The Furley, and other activities have been replaced by side shows, and doing extacy. Compared to Crunk, but very different in reality. Popularized by rappers such as E-40, Mac Dre, Doctor Scott, Mistah F.A.B. & The Team
In the Bay we get Hyphy and go Stupid, double dookie fuckin' poo poo Dumb !!
by Tony Ceto June 11, 2007
1. get stupid, dumb, crazy
2. short for 'hyperactive' and the word 'fly' put together..hyph-y
they was gettin hyphy by pullin all 4 doors out n gas dippin.
by stef November 13, 2004
to get cranky, pissed off, to go ape shit (midwest)
get crunk
i didn't turn in any college apps on time and my parents got real hyphy
by mlk316 October 15, 2007
1. GoInG "DuMB"...
2. BaZikLy AcTinG sTrAiGhT IgNaNT, dUMb,sTUpiD,rEtArDeD
1.going hyphy in a sideshow.
2.poppin a pill and go hyphy.
by tHiiZ Or dIE!!! May 04, 2006
Thizzin, and sniffin lines. People who live in whack-ass locales try to imitate this and call it 'crunk'. They are gay.
I don't think they know that's my word: hyphy
have i lost ya? ya still with me?
by Some Hyphy Ass Dude June 09, 2007

1st note that Hyphy sounds a lot like Hyphae
2nd note that hyphae is the word for part of fungal tissue
3rd note that fungal tissue = mushrooms
4th -- mushrooms = shrooms = drugs taken for their hallucinogenic effects.

Therefore, it can be concluded that hyphy can also be used as a term to describe activity involving the consumption of shrooms for hallucinogenic effects.
"Dude hook it up with some of that hyphy I want to get GOne"
by poppinstock May 14, 2007
to get hyphy is to wild out and do maniac coo coo silly bannana shit like it aint nuthin but a damn thang yaaddamean? you knoe get a lil stewie or ryde tha yellow bus while smokin ppurp and ghost ridin tha whip, thas how we do out here in tha yay. YEE YEE YEE
so i was lookin at this ripper who was smokin a blunt and wass like ay lil mama wassup and she was like nigga back up before i mollywopped yo ass and i was like bitch i knoe you aint trynna get hyphy wit me
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