To get real crazy! Shaken your dreads, going dumb, be off that thizz, turfin, Doin' it extra grande!
wut it dew blood, me and my patnas wuzz gettin real hyphy at da sideshow the other night!
by JTREEZ July 18, 2009
It's means you a crazy ass mothafucka who don't give a fuck!
Bro, let's get hyphy in this bitch.
by ImHyphy July 06, 2014
Originated in Mckinleyville CA, gettin hyphy is acting a fool, gettin stupid or just being retarded. Usually has to do with popping exstacy, choppin skeet, getting drunk or smoking dank.

Some may be confused and think that the hyphy movement started in the Bay Area. This misconception is often made. It was at the totem pole in the Mack where the Hyphy movement was born.
Dem boys was ghostin' the whip around the totem pole. dem ninjas was goin' stuey, dumb, and hyphy.
by LostCoastLocal April 01, 2010
stupid dumb retarded this basically it means going out of control dancing not caring what anybody thinks.
Chris holmes gets stupid do do dumb retarded and hyphy while ghostin on the hood of the scraper you smell me square ass square buts
by yaddadameantho October 01, 2006
HYPHY- iz how we are... maybe stupid out here in da Bay..
(Like gettin Crunk but the Bay Area style) Its when ur drunk or high, and actin stupid or dumb at the same time.
Ya know down South mang yall get Crunk mang. Where im from they go Yellow Bus mang.... Stupid, Dumb, and Hyphy mang.
by LiL SHy BOi February 12, 2006
1. Short for high five.
2.A lifestyle that involves speaking in a deep hoarse voice, Rock Paper Scissors Rockstar, hitting cups out of the air, and putting them all over.
1. Hey man, hyphy!
2. Mitch won rock paper scissors man; Mitch is so hyphy.

Mitch: I need some cups.
(Cups are thrown to him and hit out of the air)
All: Hyphy! Hyphy!
by megastrong January 09, 2011
derived from hyphae which is part of a mushoom...

(Fungi use fibers called hyphae (that as a group are referred to as mycelium), to take in food. The mycelium can remain dormant under the ground for many seasons, similar to the roots of plants. Each hypha that is sent out makes its way through earth/wood/plant matter until it reaches the surface.)

Basically means to trip sack
Get hyphy in this bitch
by dontworryaboutitttt November 19, 2009
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