Hyphy Iz..

1.Going Dumb


2.Any Race Is Allowed to do it Blacks/Whites/mexicans/Asians etc.

3.ghost Ride your car (jump out of a slow moving vehicle and dance on the side or on top of it)

4.Wear Stunna Glasses(oversized fashionable eywear)

5.Thizz Face(puttin a look on yo face like u smell some urine)

6.For Visual Effects See Music Video "Tell Me When To Go By E-40 feat keak Da Sneak"
Jus Str8 Up Go Dumb! Act Retarted! Get HYPHY!!
by Steve Goes Dumb August 14, 2006
hyper or over active style of dance, rap, and life!!
u know in da bay we gittin' hyphy
by koop da kid April 24, 2006
Cummin staright out that bay. In ohter words getting "crunk" In Da BAY you use hyphy instead
*We was gettin' hyphy all night long
*wo gon get hyphy at that party
by DAT BAY AREA May 26, 2006
The Bay (of San Francisco)'s word for "crunk"
A.K.A Drunk and high at the same time.
Dude, lets get stupid dumb and hyphy!
by AmandaaaaHYPHY May 25, 2008
One of the most retarded movements to happen in music. Just another excuse for losers to attract attention to themselves by jumping around and screaming like their a$$ is on fire. It also gives support to those who drive "hoopty" automobiles by allowing them to feel special, go ghostride your car off a cliff and jump off with it.
I have no job, money, morals, or anything else to do for that matter, so why not get hyphy?
by The Horrible Truth October 01, 2006
The Definition Of Hyphy: "Thizzin and sniffing lines" - Keak Da Sneak on Super Hyphy
abusing both the drugs ecstacy, as well as cocaine at the same time. popularized by norther cali rapper keak da sneak.
my definition of hyphy, man, is thizzin, and sniffin lines, im in the buildin and im feeling like YEEE, R.I.P. to the mac D.R.E.
by yellowbusdriver March 05, 2006
To get real crazy! Shaken your dreads, going dumb, be off that thizz, turfin, Doin' it extra grande!
wut it dew blood, me and my patnas wuzz gettin real hyphy at da sideshow the other night!
by JTREEZ July 18, 2009

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