to bit so drugged out that you can do nothing but smile and cream your pants.
Aaron was so hyphy that he came in 3 seconds.
by nikeolous May 18, 2006
1) west coast version of crunk

2) crazy drunk

3) horny as hell
1) ima get hyphy like a bitch tonite

2) dude, im so fuckin hyphy rite now i gotta go screw some bitch
by $$Andres$$ February 02, 2006
niggaz from oaktown version of gettin crunk. also means to get ignorant and crazy loud.
get HYPHY nigga....jump around niggaz!!!
by dante September 01, 2004
Hyphy- High and Happy
Hey, I got lit wit dis Breezie and was Hyphy than a mugg, ya smell me.
by Bigg E March 28, 2006
oakland's word for crunk. e-40 and the federation were one of the first artists to use this word in a song.
"get stupid,dumb,retarded!"

just plain out crazy and hyper.
by anonymous November 29, 2004
Man hyphy was made by Mac Dre...he says it in his song "Get Stupid" which was way before the song made by the Federation...not an oakland term...that's been in Valley Joe fo ever! Y'all dont know jack!

1.Out Of Pocket
Man y u gettin hyphy?
by Tiana January 29, 2005
The most lowest form or rap music next to crunk. It buries the true form of hip hop deeper and deeper into it's grave than any other form of music.

Hip hop was cool until the money became the most important option.
Stranger: Yo, you wanna buy this hyphy cd yo
Me:So my brain can melt in an extremely fast rate? I don't
think so.
by Darkfox360 September 02, 2006
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