hyphy is somthing used in a 1999 record kneak da sneak and in 2006 welll 2005 going on 2006 E-40 made it come back in tell me when to go so basicly they use it in the BAY AREA
so the word HYPHY means GET STUPID OR CRAZY IF U GOT DREADS SHAKE EM (LAUGHS)well thats the definition: of hyphy

your urban dictionary CHESTEEZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stupid crazy dreads dance fukkin crazy hyphy
by Chesteezy August 07, 2006
1. Make them nosey neighbors want to call the cops.
2. Doors open man.
3. Hyperactivity at its highest point.
4. Shake them dreds.
Them niggas at the sideshow ways getting hyphy.
by Holla at Ya Boy April 08, 2006
That's thizz you beezies!
In the bay we gettin' hyphy.
by MC BallSac March 02, 2006
someone gets loud in the conversation.
Like if someone talking with u and they go off.That's getting Hyphy.
by De'Shawn Henderson April 05, 2006
Hyphy is the cuzzin of Crunk - E-40
It's goin stupid doo doo dumb, ridin the yellow bus, gettin kicked out the club, gas brake dippn, yokin at the side show, gettin stupid off them thizzles, perkin off that heem,
bay mommas slappin baby daddys, and nosey neighbors callin cops. It's whatever u want it to be its hyphy it's all what u want it to be
Me and da homies popped a couple thizzles and knocked on some beezies.

I'm too Hyphy to fuck with them square beezies.
by Young J out that North Yay April 07, 2006
someone who is massively constipated to the extent that they need to go to the hospital to get their poopoo removed
Carina was so hyphy that she almost died.
by garcheri October 09, 2006
wen yau take a thizzle in you jus start gettin dumb,krunck,stupid,retarted,crazy, thizzen. you start to get stupid.
that dude went dumb he took a thizzle in started gettin hyphy.
by b0ss3y August 15, 2006

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