1)hidden valley lake
2)a place where it is enclosed by gates and security guards
we went to hvl. but security wouldnt let us in
by mack daddy May 21, 2003
Top Definition
Head Volunteer Lifeguard, also known as a "Pool Rat". A HVL spends a lot of time at the pool, usually equal to or very close to the hours of the paid lifeguards even when it is closed due to thunder and/or rain. The HVL often knows many or even more pool rules then actual lifeguard staff members. In addition, the HVL often spends more time in the guard office talking to paid lifeguards, then in the water.
Julia: "What are you doing in the guard office?"
Nate: "Don't worry about it?"
Julia: "Why not?"
Nate: "Because I am the HVL?"
Julia: "Oh...your the Head Volunteer Lifeguard?"
by PondsHeadVolunteerLifeguard June 10, 2010
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