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To hug or spoon another person/s so much and so hard you make Hitler shit flowers.

Must always be spelt or yelled in capitals in order to portray just how hardcore you mean these hugs to be. HUGZORZ DELUXORZ is usually initiated by proclaiming it out loud before leaping on your HUGZOR recipient/s.

For extra effect additional Z's can be added in representation of the level of hardcoreness.

Believed to be originally coined by the infamous hugging pioneer Miss LEM
Girl - "Lets have HUGZORZZZZ DELUXORZZZZ tonight!"

Boy - "How abo..."

Girl - *Running leaps into boy and clings*

Girlfriend - *sad face*

Boyfriend - "Would you like some HUGZORZ DELUXORZ with that?"

Girlfriend - *opens arms and waits expectantly*
by PoisonedEve March 28, 2010
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