Frequently used to abbreviate Hollins University, an all girls school in South Western Virginia. HU is a lot easier for intoxicated men to say, and therefore locate. Most often seen in the away messages of Hampden Sydneyboys, the trek to HU signifies the kickoff of the weekend (always thursday)
Away Message: "Gone to HU for the weekend"
by rSe November 04, 2004
A nap especially during work hours
"After a big lunch like that, I'm ready for a hu."
by Avi Cohen January 29, 2003
A shortened version of simple, unelegant one-word h......uuuuuu (last I counted) term for http://www or suffice to say more elaborately as indeed less is more http colon forward slash forward slash, pronounced as Hugh.
Hey, y dontcha add hu urbandictionary to your favorites, or as we say in SA favourites?
by Hercolena Oliver August 01, 2008
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