Hu is the current president of China. President Hu is different from previous rulers in that he emphasis on peaceful raise and harmonies society. Under Hu, China has been further transformed from a poor third world country to a potential first world superpower. There are concern, as always, of human rights issue and violations under his rule.
-Noob who doesn't understand politics: "Yeah Hu sucks, because he's a communist so China sucks because it's a communist nation. And yeah, I just generalize 1.3 billion people."

-Some with even half a brain responds: "Why don't YOU try to govern 1.3 billion Chinese with 56 distinctive ethnic groups, with 292 living languages and 1 extinct language (Jurchen), and the world most populous nation with poverty still a problem."

-The sarcastic responder: "If only voting and freedom of speech can magically generate wealth, food, and improve the economy"
Hu is the President of China
by scarletnova May 09, 2011
Hollywood Undead. Writters/ Singers of the song "Scene For Dummies".

Genere: Hip Hop / Hardcore / Screamo

Lyrical Genius - Charlie Scene
Sweet Talker - J-Dog
Loud Mouth - Da Kurlzz
Singer - Tha Producer
African Baritone - Funny Man
The Server- Johnny 3 Tears
HU lyrics- Scene For Dummies: These scene clubs I run these, I should write the book how to be scene for dummies!
by KT<3 August 03, 2006
hu is shorterr way of saying hooking up.. Which is making out with a LOT of toungee!!!
Damnn I just know that girl wants to hu wit me...
by I lovv chocolatee May 18, 2008
hook up (make out); also h/u; usually used online not in person
how many times have u h/u
by m4e December 05, 2003
The sound one makes when squeezing out a really fat shit, a sound made when laboring over a task, a grunt.
A passer by a bathroom would hear huuuuuuuuuu coming from the stall.
by huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu August 15, 2008
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