HSU stands for " the Hottest Shit in the Universe"
dude, he is hsu!

i wish i could be hsu..
by privacyrocksmyworld May 11, 2009
Top Definition
Stands for "Hills, Stairs, and Umbrellas." Definitely not "Humboldt State University," which is wrong.

The northernmost California State University, friendly people, great weather (if you like rain), gigantic redwoods ON CAMPUS, great hiking ON CAMPUS, we walk and bike everywhere... we're kind of a bubble here.
"I went to HSU because it's the farthest from LA without out-of-state tuition."
by canonlibel July 28, 2008
HSUS stands for the “Humane” Society of the United States. It is a corporation in the United States that does not own or control any animal shelters and it does not represent humane societies in the United States, other than itself.

While HSUS began an animal welfare organization back in 1954, its current focus is toward legislation that severely impedes or eliminates domestic animals and animal ownership. HSUS disguises its political campaigns as attacks against “puppy mills,” animal cruelty, and “hoarding.”

HSUS claims that it only targets “puppy mill” breeders and not “ethical” breeders, but the definition of “ethical” provided by HSUS makes breeding of animals impossible.

HSUS defines “animal cruelty” in the broadest sense that essentially defines nearly *all* human contact and control over animals as cruel.
"Over the years, the Nevada Humane Society has learned that people are often confused by fundraising appeals from HSUS. Local residents think they are donating to the local humane society when they give money to HSUS. In fact, NHS has been told by local residents that they have already donated to them, when in fact they gave to HSUS." -Nathan J. Winograd
by NoAnimalsLeft May 15, 2010
Holocaust Standard Unit - a measure of the number of holocausts something is. They are metric.
Bil: How many HSUs would a war with China be?
Bob: About 2.5.
by UsingUnnecessaryGerman April 07, 2011
Hook Shit Up
Were gonna HSU tonight. ie. get connected (drugs).
by Anonymous October 21, 2003
A person that is non-religious.
Christianity is stupid, I'm going to become Hsu.
by Mack- November 27, 2003

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