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HSA stands for HOT SEX ACTION!
So me and my girl are heading home for some HSA.
by mrbear March 21, 2012
a Highly Sought After collectable
Fashion Style Derpy is HSA!
by TLSquiggle March 16, 2012
Hard Style Assassins, A clan for Halo: Reach, MW3, Red Dead and Minecraft, Some members are reluctant to play those games so we aren't all faggots :3 Anyways, HSA is a peaceful clan. Only two clan battles have been reported in HSA's 10 year lifetime (If I'm right...)
HSA Camper: Hey dude, Wanna probably join HSA?
lonewolfmtl: No thanks bro, You're probably just another lolclan.
HSA Camper: Actually is dolan.
lonewolfmtl: What?
HSA Camper: What?
by HSA Camper August 30, 2012
Healthy Sexual Appetite
The walls were shakin, the ground was quaking,.... She kept her motor clean, Best damn woman that I ever seen;... She had a real HSA! sexual sensual, oversexed
by Crippled Colonel January 18, 2016

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