Nissan Skyline HR30 GT Turbo, with the L20ET engine made history to be the worst Nissan ever produced.
Bob: "Every time it comes on boost i can hear marbles rattling in the motor!"
Mechanic: "That's the L20 Ping!"
by Barney March 06, 2003
Top Definition
Nissan's first attempt at a turbo efi 6cyl, the HR30 was regarded by many as a whale. The plush orange interior did however save grace. Nissan released the much improved HR31 series a few years later, including the racebred HR31 GTS.
by Mathias March 06, 2003
I have an HR30 with a turboed L20.
It only pinks in hot weather.
It's a whale in hot weather.
But when the air is cold it hauls arse.
Best time is early in the morning.
These cars are in serious need of a intercooler!
But this car has been my daily driver for years. It's done over 300,000 Kms and still going strong. It's got a solid engine. Just needs a Friggin intercooler!
The L20ET with intercooler and boosted to 12PSI reliably haul arse.
Do not run this engine more than 9PSI on a cold day with out a intercooler.
by HR30 owner January 13, 2004
"H-R30 Ping Monster"

Well known 80's Skyline, produced in poo brown/grey with menstrual red interior; came factory standard with menstrual red interior trimmings.
Nissan sales rep: "Yeah drum brakes all round, pulls up real hard, line up school kids at the crosswalk, then brake 50m prior, hauls 80's arse."
by Donald March 06, 2003
mate, i don't know what you're on about.
yours turbo and is all you have to do is knock the fore father of Skyline preformance.what's with you and talking about your girl friends blood? i bet you drive a MAZDA MX-6 or FAMILA.
by lwky30 August 16, 2003
The performance model of the HR30 series was the GT-Turbo with the L20ET motor. Undoubtedly the worst motor ever produced by Nissan, it would detonate under the slightest advance of throttle. Nissan made history in 1998 where the HR30 Skyline was awarded the 'Worst Nissan ever' award at the Nagoya motor show, followed closely by the Nissan Starion turbo.
Gerard: "These drum brakes are fucking unreal!"
Carlos: "I love the way it doesn't turn corners, and when the missus is on her rags, she can just rub in the blood. Top car."
by Adrian March 06, 2003
fuckin shit box magna with a turbo and a bov sick cunt
l20et ping monster
by Anonymous March 06, 2003
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