adj. An acronym standing for "Hatian Quality" describing things that washed up on the beach, belong in shanties, are shitty in general, or associated with the very poor.
TOM: Did you see that house in Delray? It is such HQ.
PAT: Yeah, because Hatians built it out of a raft!
TOM: Oh, that's why there's chickens running around!
NICK: Yeah, they're too dumb to invent a cage,so HQ.
by Virtuoso6 October 10, 2006
HQ- "huge queer"
a person who is so queer they are a huge queer. The term HQ is used because of laziness, politeness or to confuse someone
Someone may also be called HQ squared, HQ cubed or HQ to the max.
Ryan:Michael your such an HQ
Michael: whats an HQ? Im not a headquarters
by Willie1189 April 16, 2008
"HQ" Huge Queer
MAJOR queer! Sum1 who is so abnormal its scary and they are very common to be talked about how queer they are.
Someone whos mo queer than ne1 all up in hea.
by QueenIce March 12, 2005
Ivented my a guy on my hockey team in Ontario Canada.
Holly fuck that guy is an HQ!
/me yells "HQ!!"
by saab October 08, 2003
A place for cool kids cooked off too many pills to dance like fuckwits, try take advantage of the easy slappas and regret it all in the morning.
Dylan "Dude what even happened last night"
Sheldon "You were that cooked you were dancing like a chicken on the podium"
Dylan "Fuck I love HQ"
by #lanii April 11, 2015
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