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An acronym for Heavy Petting through Trousers. Used to describe an individual using their hand to feel the genitals of another individual though clothing.
Those two were making out and then got into some serious HPT.
by Optimus4033 November 15, 2006
Acronym for "Hairy Pink Taco", which is slang for a vagina. Usually used to denigrate men who act cowardly
"Dude, that runt punched you, and you grew a HPT in your pants and ran!? What a wuss."
by Scout Farkiss September 04, 2014
an acronym for Hot Ponytail. It is when an aesthetically pleasing female has the perfect ponytail.
Alexander: Damn, guys did u see the HPT on that bubble tease waitress

Patrick: Damn yo, u have that HPT syndrome

by HPTmasterbater November 05, 2010
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