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THE HIGH POINT PRIVILEGED: A small group of individuals in High Point, NC that spend time doing the same things in the same place and consider themselves family.

The HPP will be attending an event tonight at the Garage in Winston-Salem.
by Gravitys_gone March 22, 2009
The Hippo Protection Program. A group of highly trained agents dedicated to saving fellow males from falling victim to hippo encounters, interspecies struggles, and tragedies.
Seamus nearly got with that hippo last night, but the HPP stepped in and saved him.
by HPP's of Rice and beyond October 18, 2010
An acronym for Hits Per Person. Stoners use this term as a ratio to describe the size of a bowl. A 12 to 1 HPP ratio will get ya feeling hazy
Mendez: another bowl? Im gunna have to quit this looks like another 30 HPP bowl
Dylan: (makes hand signals resembling a vagina) nuff said
by Eminent Sparkon November 17, 2011
A boy that you must stay clear of. You may find him on BBC message board - 606 or Football fanzone message board.

I know a boy who is scary, his name is HPP
by Harry Munk January 24, 2005