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Hi Power Gangsters, nobody else than Surenos Gangsters (rappers) from various South-East LA gangs. Tiny Vinos, Cyclone, Silver Lake Trese etc.
Mr. Criminal, Mr. Silent, Mr. Capone-E, Big Lokote, Grumpy, TriggerMan, Soldier Ink, Lil Tweety, Miss Pink and the list goes on....
Hi Power Gangster, HPG, HPSG.
by RAS KLATT March 02, 2011
Abbreviation for "high pitched girlish scream."
Girl 1: "Oh my god, I just heard Brian might ask you to formal."

Girl 2: "Are you kidding me? HPGS!"
by rockinrachael August 11, 2011
A Australian Street Gang located in the NSW area meaning the Hanky Panky Gang
"The HPG is reppin it"
by C-dogg09 November 12, 2007
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