When you steal things from other people, those stolen items are "HOT"
I sold those hot chrome wheels for my drug money.
by Angie Johnson January 12, 2003
After last night, I'm not feeling too hot
by unclepickle May 27, 2010
summer, sipping on mixed drinks, pretty, cook out, fire, music, band, dance, wet, party, mts, half naked, cute, love spread like peanut butter and jelly
It's hot by the mountains.
by europopian July 19, 2009
To describe how somthing or somone looks,(see example 1)

To describe the heat of somthing (see example 2)
Or used as slang to refer to someone attractive. (see example 3)
Example 1: Woah dude, that girl is HOT! or Dude, that stove looks hot.

Example 2: Don't touch that fire! It's hot!

Example 3: Oh my god, dude that chick is so hot!
by xx-Sleeping-Sicknesss-xx July 11, 2008
something that was stolen
"Yo, I got my laptop hot"
by Tina April 11, 2003
1) A man/woman that is sexually desired by the opposite sex
2) Usually has a beautiful/gorgeous face and an excellent body
3) Pleasing to the eye anatomically
4) "Hot" people are usually seen in porn or in Hollywood
Damn, that guy is sooo hot! He is checked out by practically every chick!
by mercury3737 May 15, 2011
sexy,very attractive
kaylynn is hot
by ffgfds February 03, 2009

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