sexy,very attractive
kaylynn is hot
by ffgfds February 03, 2009
To describe how somthing or somone looks,(see example 1)

To describe the heat of somthing (see example 2)
Or used as slang to refer to someone attractive. (see example 3)
Example 1: Woah dude, that girl is HOT! or Dude, that stove looks hot.

Example 2: Don't touch that fire! It's hot!

Example 3: Oh my god, dude that chick is so hot!
by xx-Sleeping-Sicknesss-xx July 11, 2008
Something or somebody that is well thought of or well sought after... usually in high demand and highly ranked.
There are many schools in this country that are hot schools and are really tight and popular, including Columbia...
by ZH March 19, 2008
1. Someone who is so good looking you want to snog their features in. Someone who looks perfect from all angles.
2. Not cold
1. Chris Evans (Cellular, Fantastic Four, London)(THAT GUY IS SOO HOT)
by whatsername4211 October 24, 2006
On some freeways (especially in California) H.O.T. stands for High Occupancy Toll; H.O.T. lanes are faster than normal lanes, but to use them a toll is required.
During rush hour, many commuters rather pay the $.50 toll to use the H.O.T.
by Miguel Angel July 12, 2005
1) To make something obvious, or doing something over-the-top that's bound to get you caught
2) To be obvious or do something over-the-top etc etc
3) To be easily suspected or tracked/Be 'locked down'
1) 'Oh you make it hot'
2) 'You're hot'
3) 'You're hot'
by AJMunky July 17, 2003
something that was stolen
"Yo, I got my laptop hot"
by Tina April 11, 2003

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