to be suspicous, to make obvious that somthin is or is about to go down
dawg why you bein so hot? you gon get us caught!!!
by slim lil sexi one April 01, 2004
when someone is mad over nuthin or they are heated
mike: wat the fuck why are are you goin wit my sister
tim: damn, dog why you hot
by hoopty March 07, 2004
When you steal things from other people, those stolen items are "HOT"
I sold those hot chrome wheels for my drug money.
by Angie Johnson January 12, 2003
1) A man/woman that is sexually desired by the opposite sex
2) Usually has a beautiful/gorgeous face and an excellent body
3) Pleasing to the eye anatomically
4) "Hot" people are usually seen in porn or in Hollywood
Damn, that guy is sooo hot! He is checked out by practically every chick!
by mercury3737 May 15, 2011
After last night, I'm not feeling too hot
by unclepickle May 27, 2010
Somethin that the girls in the word pictures arent.
Put something thats actually hot for pictures for this word.
by I know hot from ugly August 19, 2009
summer, sipping on mixed drinks, pretty, cook out, fire, music, band, dance, wet, party, mts, half naked, cute, love spread like peanut butter and jelly
It's hot by the mountains.
by europopian July 19, 2009

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