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making it obvious, drawing attention.
When fights are about to happen and the fight is suposed to be on the down low, kids make big crowds around those kids and they make it "hot" and obvious that a fight is about to go down. AS a result of making something "hot" kids get in trouble . So you basically blow up peoples spot when you make somthing "hot".
by E-weezy May 30, 2007
11 6
when someone is mad over nuthin or they are heated
mike: wat the fuck why are are you goin wit my sister
tim: damn, dog why you hot
by hoopty March 07, 2004
15 10
Somethin that the girls in the word pictures arent.
Put something thats actually hot for pictures for this word.
by I know hot from ugly August 19, 2009
8 4
On some freeways (especially in California) H.O.T. stands for High Occupancy Toll; H.O.T. lanes are faster than normal lanes, but to use them a toll is required.
During rush hour, many commuters rather pay the $.50 toll to use the H.O.T.
by Miguel Angel July 12, 2005
8 4
When you steal things from other people, those stolen items are "HOT"
I sold those hot chrome wheels for my drug money.
by Angie Johnson January 12, 2003
13 9
After last night, I'm not feeling too hot
by unclepickle May 27, 2010
6 3
To describe how somthing or somone looks,(see example 1)

To describe the heat of somthing (see example 2)
Or used as slang to refer to someone attractive. (see example 3)
Example 1: Woah dude, that girl is HOT! or Dude, that stove looks hot.

Example 2: Don't touch that fire! It's hot!

Example 3: Oh my god, dude that chick is so hot!
by xx-Sleeping-Sicknesss-xx July 11, 2008
16 13