A Korean pop singer.
The group consist of 5 members.
H.O.T. means High-five Of Teenagers.
The group's leader is Hee Jun,Moon.
Lead singer is KangTa.
Moon and KangTa is solo activity, now.
by oio September 21, 2003
when something is very cute and or attractive
the outfit you are wearing is hot!
by maggie1108 November 12, 2009
making it obvious, drawing attention.
When fights are about to happen and the fight is suposed to be on the down low, kids make big crowds around those kids and they make it "hot" and obvious that a fight is about to go down. AS a result of making something "hot" kids get in trouble . So you basically blow up peoples spot when you make somthing "hot".
by E-weezy May 30, 2007
when you pr someonelse finds you attractive. term may also be used when someone is sexually attracted to you
person1: damn! shelby is hot!!
person2: i know! look at that hot bod!
person1: shes hot.
person2: i wish i was as pretty as her.
by aissjdo April 17, 2007
Adjective, and/ or Adverb
Used to describe something that is extremely cool (ie interesting, fun, impressive, etc.) A synonym for "wicked", or "sick"
The new version of Starwars Ganster Rap is so hot!
by The Mistress of the Universe February 28, 2005
to be suspicous, to make obvious that somthin is or is about to go down
dawg why you bein so hot? you gon get us caught!!!
by slim lil sexi one April 01, 2004
The greatest level of attractiveness, in which is determined by one's good character and impeccable morals.
Oh, he is profusely gallant, that's so hot.
by vanelmy May 18, 2013

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