to describe something that is cool, good, interesting, originating in New York City, now used by wannabes who think Paris Hilton invented it.
That new Snoop Dogg CD is hot!
by OG from NYC December 23, 2004
1)(adj) A person who is attrative or pleasing to look at.
2)(adj) Something extremely warm that will cause damage to your skin if you touch it
3)(adj) the state of stolen item
4)(adj)To describe the coolness of an item. sexy is usually used in its place.
1) Man, John is hot, don't you think?
2) I touched the pan and burned myself; that thing was hot!
3) I don't want to buy that watch, it's hot.
by GracieTheAmerican June 19, 2007
Bermudian slang for drunk. There are different levels of Hot however, one may be full-hot, half-hot, or not-hot.
"Ey! Ya boy got FULL-HOT last night."
"Gamme a drink pleyas!? Um only half-hot!"
by Cooper Stevenson July 01, 2006
Opposite of cold, spicy food.
It is hot outside, stay in. This chicken is hot.
by Saints November 09, 2003
a stolen item.
Jim's dvd player is hot b/c he didnt fucking pay for it.
by maguire August 31, 2003
someone who makes your cock/pussy hot.
She is so damn hot, and my cock becomes hot as hell!
by msleo March 03, 2007
something pleasesnt, cool, or nice
You heard that new song? that song is hot.
by Andrew October 22, 2003

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