1. Something by which, when heated increases in temperature, thus becoming "hot"
2. awesome
3. one who is desirable, or whom you have an infauation with. Often seen as good looking by peers of the opposite sex.
4. stolen goods
5. a place where the po po are on alert
6. dom
He's is h-o-t, hot!
by Anonymous October 29, 2003
a really beautiful girl
the hottest girl ever is this hostest who works at a restaurant i go to
by dan June 28, 2003
Being hot is more than attractiveness, its about smouldering sexy appeal, its about the attitude...unattainable and knowing it.
Jessica Alba is Hot!
Johnny Depp is HOOOOT!!
by SandyCee May 31, 2006
1. warmer than 65 degrees
2. attractive
3. awesome
1. it is hot in the summer in missouri
2. that guy is so hot
3. kid: why are you wearing your sunglasses inside?
me: because they're hot!
by leah April 12, 2005
if you are hot, you look good naked
boy come over here, you are hot
by ashley January 17, 2005
anything/anyone that looks great or is the latest trend.
that new shirt is so hot
by jozz July 05, 2005
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