someone who makes your cock/pussy hot.
She is so damn hot, and my cock becomes hot as hell!
by msleo March 03, 2007
Sexy, one that you'd fuck in a snap, pretty, georgeous, stunning, beautiful, SWEET, (it's not all about looks-it can be someones attitude and their personality.)

To me it is anyways
Ok- the girl who says "guys love me" in that pic with the 2 girls does NOT know what she is talking about. She is one hell of a little fucking bitch! I dont give a fuck WHAT she says to me- but MAN- she is NOT hot at ALL! Just her saying that- makes me want to slap the little bitch. "Oh-hohohoho- guys love me!"- no they don't - the want to fuck you and then dump your sorry ass- you little fucking whore.

~*/My pic is in the pictures section\*~
by Remy's Bitch February 06, 2005
1. High in temperature, if high enough, causing burns

2. Beautiful, or very attractive, hard to take one's eyes off of
1. "Don't burn yourself, honey, the oven is very hot."

2. "That girl over there is so hot, my heart just skipped a beat."
by G-to-the-Reg May 14, 2005
1.Girl: A Female who is really pretty/gorgeous; Has A Nice Body. U'd Tap Thier Ass Any Second
Male: A Male Who is really attractive, carries himself well, and Has a nice Body. U'd Tap Thier Ass Any Second

2.The Opposite Of Cold.
1. Damn.. That Girl Is Hot! Example: Jessica Alba, Anna Sundstrand, Ashley Olsen.
2.Omg That Guy Is Fine! Examples: Jesse Mccartney, Chris Trousdale, Ryan Sheckler..
by ChAnTaL June 17, 2004
a remark about someone that basically says " yea, i'd do you", being told your hot is the guy/girl basically telling u they'd have sex with u
"Check out that girl, she's hot"
(in mind picturing himself with her)
by reese March 07, 2005
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