1. A dollar
2. being attractive
3. opposite of cold
1. Hey man, lemme hold 3 hots
2. Man, that bitch is hot
3. Damn, I just got burned by that hot ass pan
by Dirk Nowitzki April 05, 2004
something cool;the first level of hotness
hot-> fire-> lava -> magma -> nova
Those shoes are kinda hot.
by PKFL1P July 10, 2008
1. Warmer then 55 degrees.

2. A word used by white suburban kids who think they are gangster to describe how slutty a girl looks.

3. Pretty. Good looking.
1. Damn, the weather here in NC is hot....

2. Kid:DAM DAT BITCH IS HOT Me: No, she looks like a slut.

3. Brooke Burke
by Blahb February 19, 2005
Another word for money. Simple conversion rate: 1 hot = 1 dollar.
Dice guy: Shoot for 20 hots?

Chump: make it 5 hots homie, i aint got that much cash
by ladeedahmuhfucka May 06, 2010
twilight fan #1-OMG! taylor lautner is so hot!!

twilight fan #2-I know!!!
by RandomCoolPerson101 April 08, 2010
"...r u hot? :)"
"huh? o_O guess so :D"
"um..well, ok..cya o_O..."
by Johnnny92 November 17, 2007
whenever you go out with someone and they give you oral sex the first time,if you do it to me,you do it to erbody else,NASTY ASS!!
you:"did that dude you met come over last night?" , me:"Hell yeah and he H.O.T.!" you:"like fire?!" me:"Like Head off Top,he ate my pussy last night!!!"
by Kecia Kasandra Renee Bouseman April 16, 2007

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