1. Antonym of cold.

2. A stupid slang that some people call others and in reality it doesn't really please MOST people, because MOST people don't want to be called hot. They want to be called BEAUTIFUL.

"The bath water was f**king too hot."

"Oh Brenda? She's hot."

"No, she's beautiful."
by kikyo-chan14 March 12, 2007
adj. having a high temperature or being spicy
the only way to make peppers more hot is to cook them in a pressure cooker
by unusu-al November 17, 2003
person, place, or thing which is dangerous to be around because they are being watched by PO PO, recently been arrested or out of jail making everyone associated at risk.
nahhhhhh im not going to gibbs pond its been hot since red snapper thought it was woodstock again
by AniTaH BoniTaH March 28, 2011
Man she's HOT!!!
by Fuckyouassface March 23, 2011
High temperature, you can measure it using a thermometer. If the thermometer bursts then it's hot.

Hot thing should usually be avoided because you can get burned by it.
The stove is hot so you should avoid it.
by wecl0me12 December 09, 2009
what exactly IS hot?
is curly hair hot?
is straight hair hot?
are fat people hot?
are skinny people hot?
am i hot?
are you hot?
are we not?

to me, hot is what's on the inside. wow that sounded undeniably cheesy. double take:

to me, hot is HOT-HOT, like as in "hot potato" :] lol.
don't touch the stove its HOT!!!
by fa la la la la April 01, 2007
Ms Hilton's fave word
Paris - "That's hot"
by Verena October 24, 2006

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