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1.committing a wrong against someone

2. an attractive person

3. something that is cool, or appealing

4. something that is stolen

5. opposite of cold
1. yo that's hot, how you gonna tell everybody he's gay

2. look at will smith he's hot

3. yo that sweatshirt your wearing is hot

4. is this merchandise stolen, i don't want nothing thats hot

5. ahhhh man i dropped the curling iron, that shit is hot
by afoy March 31, 2005
13 13
1) describing a person who is likely to be caught by the police partcipating in illegal activities because of his/her reckless behavior

2) describing a place that is known for police always being around
Kid 1: Should we ask Bob to smoke with us tonight?
Kid 2: No way! He's hot, so if he comes with us we're definetly getting booked.
by h8rlvr February 05, 2011
2 3
a person who makes the group likely to get busted doing something they shouldn't be doing
we need to ditch him he making us hot, the cops right there
by choppaz February 25, 2009
4 5
A term used in lacrosse for a variety of reasons.
1. The defender who slides when the man with the ball beats his man.
2. An offensive call to alert the team with the ball that they are running a set play.
Goalie "Jim is hot man"
Jim "I'm hot I'm hot"
Goalie "Slide"
Jim slides to pick up man with ball.
by Corfu April 12, 2005
10 11
Emily the sexy beast and liv the sexy sloth at school eating a peice of pizza in a tree
who are those hot girls?
that just emilyand liv
by Lyle the lizard November 18, 2012
0 2
person, place, or thing which is dangerous to be around because they are being watched by PO PO, recently been arrested or out of jail making everyone associated at risk.
nahhhhhh im not going to gibbs pond its been hot since red snapper thought it was woodstock again
by AniTaH BoniTaH March 28, 2011
1 3
Man she's HOT!!!
by Fuckyouassface March 23, 2011
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