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R.Borlax Is A Great Album From HORSE the band.
by CUTSMAN January 18, 2005
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A five piece "Nintendocore" band from LA, California. The reason they have been coined as a Nintendo related band is because through out there selection of albums and E.Ps there have been a handful of video game references.

1. pol's voice

An enemy that appears fairly late in NES's "Legend of Zelda".

2. Birdo

The first boss in Super Mario Bros 2. (America)

3. The house of boo (questionable)

Boo is a character from various Mario games.

4. there most famous song "cutsman"

Cutman is the real name of a character from the Megaman series.

"There are Nintendo references in 3 of our songs: Cutsman, Pol’s Voice, Birdo--they serve as metaphors for something else that is important in Nathan’s life." - David Isen

Despite all these references the band as a whole hate being related with Nintendo paraphernalia, or being bombarded with questions in interviews about video games.

HORSE the band has toured America, Mexico, France, and recently the entire fucking world on there self-ran, self-booked tour.

Current line up:

Nathan Winneke – vocals

David Isen – guitar

Dashiell Arkenstone – bass guitar

Erik Engstrom – Synthesizer/LSDJ or the nanaloop(?)

On the earth tour there drummer was Jon Karel

Previous members:

Mike Benitez - bass guitar

Andy Stokes – bass guitar

Adam Crook – vocals

Eli Green – drums

Jason Karuza – drums

Alex Duddy - drums

Christopher Prophet - drums


R. Borlax

The Mechanical Hand

Pizza EP

A Natural Death

HORSE the band is extremely energetic and are always drunk, at least at shows. they almost always end with "cutsman", and due to popular belief, they fucking hate when that song is requested for various and obvious reasons.

HORSE the band is a very funny group of people, they often make great, and in depth/immature jokes on stage and in interviews.


"Alright, so I guess the best place to star…"

N: Fuck you! (Laughs) I'm sorry. No, I'm not really sorry, keep going.

"HORSE the band is five stellar gods running from a haunted future they can't possibly forget. Formed on the mean streets of Los Angeles in 2027 A.D. the members of H the B began to create their exotic sound to fight the past and recreate the future." -
"I love horse the band"

"When does horse go on"

"HORSE the band is the best fucking band that ever walked this depressing planet, nothing else matters"

A "HORSE the band is like nintendo rock, right"

B "Shut the fuck up."
by jakedaxflame June 19, 2008
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