Short word for homo meaning gay, faggot, fagbag, dicksucker, socklover, assfucker, etc.
Shutup you gay ass hom
by pimpsta505 January 07, 2005
A male geek who sits in a dark room all day. The lowest caste in Western society, touching or interacting with these individuals is considered taboo. Often have confused gender identities, enjoying baking and generally being a house bitch. No known hom has ever reproduced, preferring the company of other men in all circumstances, including sex.
Hey man, you wanna go to this party on Friday?
Nah I heard a hom was invited.

Dude, I just found loads of brownies and cupcakes in the kitchen, was your girlfriend over?
No that hom next door came out of his room without permission. He knows he's not allowed so I put the bitch to good use while he was out.
by L3mon March 30, 2011
Computer Architecture Acronym: "high only memory"
After studying high, Billy had trouble remembering his quantum physics equation because it was stored in his HOM.

HOM doubles capacity doubles every year.
by Cheech Moore February 28, 2011
the noise made when opening your mouth and putting food in. HOM
oooh look a nice pork sandwhich... Hom hom hom, ... that was lovley.
by Tom Pearson May 05, 2009
to be used as an acronym, meaning "hunk of meat", often to refer to a hot male body.
Check out that hot hom!
by R-diggity and L-dawg February 22, 2005
to be used as an acronym, meaning "hunk of meat." This refers to a hot male body.
Girl: Check out that hot hom that just walked by!
by R-diggity and L-dawg February 22, 2005

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