Abbreviation for hall of depression. Was HOD, then HoD, now hod.
Person 1: "Don't go into hod please."
Person 2: -no answer-
Person 1: "Too late"
by ZeJohn November 10, 2010
North eastern english for many, lots, loads, a lot, ect...
I just ate hods of chocolate.
by toasteee November 03, 2008
to get completely crunked and wasted after a night of wild partying. Sometimes involving memory losses.
guy1: So what are your plans for tonight?
guy2: Getting HO'D!
by klee April 04, 2005
Acronym for "High On Drugs."
Hods usually have a beer belly, red eyes and are prone to disc golf. They are harmless.
by SpikeCTE April 22, 2006
Hands On Deck; referring to football or any sport that relies on a players ability to catch.
If a player makes an amazing catch or you want to chant it because of their catch you shout HOD?
by FD punter November 04, 2010
queer way of saying "hard"... Often used by rockers who rawk hod (rock hard).
My friend just went off to rawk hod.
by Evil-Supereme-Mega-Being Jr. September 30, 2003

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