Hop off my Dick (stop fucking annoying me)
Dominic: Why didn't you text me today?????

Emily: HOD

get off my jock
by jerkinnn9inches December 11, 2010
Top Definition
Hand on Dick or HOD is a term used for when you're on the computer but zone out while watching porn.

Used like AFK or BRB.
Random#1: Hey Jim, are you there? We pulled the boss.

Jim: Oh hold on guys, HOD.
by HODMCGEE May 12, 2013
"Hang Over Dump" - After a long night of drinking the first ,perhaps of many, poops that accompany the other symptoms of the hangover. This pooh is smellier and larger than normal poops and can be a variety of colours depending on what you drank the night before.
White Regis: "Dude I can't remember anything from Wet'n'wild camping"

Brown Regis: "Me either man but i just had the biggest HOD it looked like my family's christmas fruit cake and smelled like a dying fetus"
by Sci Swagster 2010 July 23, 2010
head on demand (oral sex when requested )
H.o.d. is essential for a good relationship
abbreviation for "hop off dick" aka leave me the fuck alone
Person 1: (Watching someone's conversation)

Person 2: HOD!
by Dingledine A102 2014 November 02, 2010
To be greatly insulted or put down by another.
"Eat a dick bitch!"
"Daaamn man! You just got ho'd!"
by MannyMike April 27, 2006
Hop Of Dick
ayee niqqa can i cuff

me- l naw H.O.D bitch unless yu tryina suck a dick
by 115885084634318631 April 15, 2011

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