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Insult aimed at one of lesser status in a video game.
Sorry to post this as Lapy once did, but many still use the expression "newbie" "n00b", when will you all realize that on game your feel for power is not appreciated.
To yougnsters, I realize how it must feel special to finaly feel big but to lower someone else instead of getting him into the game is just stupid of your part and undescent.
So someone's new to the game, he's curious, asks questions about the game, none of this "HA YOU F* N00B HA". Enough children, some of these players are same age of your fathers if not older, time for respect.
You see them walking by you yelling "HA NO MUSTASH HA KID".
Enough is call someone a "n00b" you might as well just type the whole sentence and make him feel welcome to the game because that stupid remark of superior crap is proving your age and maturity to this game.
Guilt for being new to the game is sending an unwelcome message out there and it's just pure stupid.. so use your terms wisely.
by Ced July 16, 2004
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