Head Nigga In Charge; a term made famous by Prodigy of Mobb Deep in his solo album, released in 2000, which used the acronym as a title.
"I be the H.N.I.C. / The Head Nigga In Charge" - Prodigy
by mike inferno August 17, 2006
The Whiteboy "I like these pants"
Barrack Obama - "I dont give a fuck. You gettin these ones!"
The Whiteboy - "Why?"
Barrack Obama - "CUS IM THE HEAD NIGGAH IN CHARGE, BITCH." *Slaps whiteboy"
The HNIC in action
by hiimryanthewhiteboy August 12, 2011
H.N.I.C. comes from slavery times when African Americans were referred to as Niggers as an accepted derogatory term. Over time blacks began to use the term to refer to themselves. Often the slave master would have house slave house servants and put one of his "Niggers" in charge of other slaves in the house and sometimes in the fields. This position became know as the Head Nigger in Charge. In African American culture this term is mostly used to poke fun at ourselves not to degrade ourselves as was done by the slave masters and larger white society. The acronym HNIC was created so that blacks could poke fun at themselves while whites were ignorant of what the joke was about. HNIC was coined so that the joke remained an inside joke and only recently become know to whites mostly through reality shows.
I'm the HNIC around here!
by jeekeide June 08, 2011
Head Noob In Charge (see www.redvsblue.com)
Your team sucks at Halo, who's the H.N.I.C.?
by Josh June 01, 2003
Short for "Head Nigger In Charge," it is a term used to describe a person in a position of power in a group that is of little or no consequence This makes that person have a higher status than before, but like the group, is still also of little or no consequence.
So you hear bob got promoted to shift supervisor at burger king? He's a real HNIC now.
by Nick The Newbie June 28, 2007
Head nigga in charge
Hockey night in Canada
Whores night in Compton
i is da HNIC in diz bitch.
HNIC is for fucking fags.
yo dawg its da HNIC bitch get ur ass ova hea to get a load of gettin a load off!!
by Tburn June 10, 2008
Hockey Night In Canada.
Hockey Night In Canada's on!
by js October 22, 2003

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