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Heavy Milk Tankers, refers to girls with big Boobs.
Man John's GF is a HMT
by Pruks June 11, 2005
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Hard-on Management Technician

A person who gives services to manage a male "hard-on".

Can operate alone, or with a group, to which is referred as "Hard-on Management Services HMS" Group managers are usually referred as Hard-on Management Supervisors.

Normally charges by the hour, and usually female.
James: Hey baby, are you an HMT?

HMT: Yeah, I am. Would you like to utilize my services?

James: Damn straight baby.

HMT: Okay, well I charge $250 for an hour. $200 Every succeeding hour.
by Okix25 December 06, 2011
When a good thing goes bad, reference to the past. Esp. for websites.
Don't sell that CRX. The buyer might do a HMT.

Remember HMT, 3/5/09.
by Xenohater March 30, 2009
Hot Mess Tranny. A term used in the queer community to identify that one is fucked up beyond belief.
Did you see that boy in a diaper dressed as an "incomplete download" Halloween costume? He was totally drooling all over the place and then he peed in his diaper. He was a HMT!
by Akadem October 28, 2009
a word u use while chatting

hey me too
hmt i love that game
by tettaman February 13, 2004

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