Pronounced: "h" mo.

1.) Someone who is both emo and homo.
2.) Someone who is emo and is acting really gay (lame).
3.) Someone who, in general, is a sucky person, sucks at life, and sucks possible dick.
1.) Chase: Dude, I'm pretty sure Ryan was hitting on me tonight--I could totally see some bone-lovin'.
Alex: Yeah, dude, that's because he's an h-mo, but it's all good.
Chase: Oh...
2.) Asian John: Dude, why is Geo running around licking that guy's face?
Josh: I don't know, he's acting pretty lame.
Asian John: Yeah, I'm tired of him singing about his Puerto-Rican heritage when he's not even Puerto Rican. He's totally h-mo.
3.) Geo: Dude, I just, I'm really proud of my heritage, and I want all my other Puerto Ricans out there to listen as I play my acoustic guitar and cry into a bucket that will later be passed around for everyone's tears so that someone can pour it all over my face and we'll share eachother's tears. Cause you can't find love in your hair, or your clothes, or your girlfriend, or drugs, only God. Only God can set you free. Sooo, what I'm trying to say is: don't break your edge!
Audience member: Holy shit this guy's h-mo as hell.
by sweeeeet ass October 08, 2007
Top Definition
A group insurance that entitles members to services of participating hospitals and clinics and physicians.
The employess at my HMO are a bunch of homos.
by qbert February 04, 2004
Hitting myself off. An HMO is any action that brings one pleasure either immediately, or in the near or extended future. If the action brings one pain in the present, but pleasure in the future one describes this situation as "HM Noing for the eventual SUPREME HMO" The HMO is sought after in many tribes and nations as it represents the ultimate expression and experience of happiness and joy. It is impossible to not be pleased while HMOing.

May also be shortened to simply the "h"
"Kim, what are you doing?"

"Oh you know, just H'ing"

"helll yah girl. you know how its done"


"Sally Que, why are you studying so hard instead of going out to have fun with your friends"

" oh you know, gotta hmNO tonight so i can H myself with that chronss B+ tomorrow"


"dammmmmmmmmmnnnnn. that pleasure fest was the chronnnsssss hmo. i can hardly take it anymore. all of my senses were engaged"
by kimbo slice the sumpre h'er May 03, 2009
A shortened version of the ever popular Homo. Derogatory remark used to slander an individual's masculinity
Dude you're such an H-mo, I'm not turning my back on you
by ScMang October 07, 2003
High Maintenance Oriental - Gucci toting Oriental Girls who expect the world from their man and every other man for that matter.
Can you afford an HMO?
by Jalorm_DM February 15, 2011
1)The act of "Hitting Myself Off" as originated by William W, "The Body."

May pertain to mastubatory, chronic-related or drinking/eating; in fact, any activity that "hits oneself off" can be articulated in the language of HMO.

2) noun. The
1) -"I'm going to go HMO with this spliff"
-"You tryin' to H' yourself with some dank food?"
(see "dank," "H-yourself")
Antonym: -"That 3-hour seminar was an HMnO."

2) -"Yo, throw down some H on this blunt"
by #1 HMOer October 16, 2006
Means "Hold Me Over"... Dating someone until someone better comes along. See "ManSurance" (As in Insurance)
Girl, I dont really like him that much but he is a good HMO.

You just need an HMO to get over that exboyfriend.

We have all had an HMO. An HMO can work for girls or guys.
by Aims1 March 10, 2011
help me out
I need you to HMO with these options I have for a health maintenance organization.
by enrique_vega October 27, 2015
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