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ACRONYM - "Holy Mother Fucking Dog Shit"; expression of intense shock, disbelief, or utter amazement.
HMFDS! The Phillies are re-signing Cliff Lee!!!
by IronyNOW December 13, 2010
abbreviation for "Hold My Fucking Dick." common term used by ASTs and some 1A3s. usually not actually spoken, but mouthed (as if screaming), while using both hands to point forcefully at your dick. commonly used during class when the instructor is not looking.

usually responded to with short grunts as if clearing your throat, or by mimicking the action with more enthusiasm.

the abbreviated form is usually written or spoken when the full action would be inappropriate, seen by instructors, or when the full action would not be visible by the intended person.
1.) "Fenner! HMFD!"
"AGH!" (emphasis on the "gh")

2.) "hold up...Carter just texted me..."
"What does it say?"
by Allblue January 16, 2010
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